How Important is Maintaining the Refrigerator Temperature?

The refrigerator temperature is an important thing because it will determine the quality your food will be kept at. Bacteria will grow on the organic compounds of your food if it is left unchecked and it will have a very harmful quality on your health. You should always take steps to make sure that your food is free of bacteria, as this will be the food which will nurture and keep your body strong and healthy. Accidentally putting bacteria into your body will start to break down your natural defenses and leave you open for greater harm.

In order to keep bacteria out of your refrigerator, you will want to try to maintain a consistent temperature of between 35 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit. A higher temperature will leave your food more open toward growing bacteria and mold and becoming spoiled. If you put the temperature lower than this, it will become much more likely that your food will freeze.

Freezing your food will halt the growth of bacteria entirely. This can be one of the safest means of preserving food for a longer amount of time, as you should always be able to take advantage of the prevention of bacteria and mold growth. The problem with freezing food is that, especially for foods which have a high water concentration, freezing can damage the compound of the food itself. It will become harder to effectively thaw this food and the natural flavors located in those items can be destroyed. Produce will particularly be affected by freezing and certain liquids will be altered to too high of a degree.

It can also be considered rather difficult to thaw liquids anytime that you need one. Typically, you can defrost frozen liquids once without it becoming too much of an issue. It is entirely possible, however, that your refrigerator is set to too low of a temperature and inadvertent freezing may happen. You will want to avoid this if possible if you hope to have the best tasting food that you could hope for.

Once you have frozen food, if it has been kept properly wrapped, you should be able to store it indefinitely. Freezer burn will come from exposure to air, which can destroy the quality of the food you are keeping within. It is important to make sure that the food you are putting into the freezer is always kept at in an air-tight container that you will be able to rely on to protect your food.

whirlpool 190 ltr refrigerator 3 star One thing that you will need to realize is that freezing food will not kill bacteria. The growth of that bacteria will simply be halted and frozen. Once you thaw the food, bacteria will resume growing once more. To stop this bacteria growth at an unwanted level, you will need to cook the food quickly. Bacteria will only stop growing after it has been consumed.

A proper refrigerator temperature will help you with maintaining the safety of all of the food that you need to keep. Federal restrictions may actually be placed on refrigerators to determine what levels these refrigerators need to be working at. For commercial establishments which serve or sell food, there are guidelines which must be followed if they want to have a license from the Food and Health Board so that they can legally operate.

The current maximum temperature allowed for a refrigerator is 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Any refrigerator which cannot maintain a level of 41 degrees should be considered malfunctioning and should not be used to keep food. While this is the maximum temperature for a refrigerator, however, a better level would be that of 38 degrees Fahrenheit. This will help food to last longer and is a safer temperature to hold.

If you have having problems holding the temperature of your refrigerator, it is typically because of a few different reasons. You may have food in the refrigerator which is too hot and this can alter the temperature inside of your unit. This can start a cycle where the proper balance will not be maintained. The air also needs to be able to flow through the unit to maintain a consistent temperature. If you have too many items in the refrigerator to allow a proper air flow, the items which are not bring reached will start to spoil.

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